Exercise Tips

Top 10 Fat Loss & Strength Articles This Week

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Articles From Around the World 1. Tip: Front Load Your Lunge for Better Quads via Ben B. 2. Lifters: You Don’t Know “Hardcore.” Here’s What It Should Really Mean via Lee B. 3. DOMS and Muscle Growth via Lyle McD. 4. Fitness During Pregnancy: What’s a…
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Exercise leads to Neurogenesis

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Neurogenesis is one of the many benefits of exercise . Over a decade of research in animals and people shows that engaging in regular aerobic activity leads to changes in the brain associated with improved cognition SOURCE http://www.brainfacts.org/brain-basics/brain-development/articles/2016/neurogenesis-an-overview-072116/ and http://www.brainfacts.org/Across-the-Lifespan/Diet-and-Exercise/Articles/2013/Physical-Exercise-Beefs-Up-the-Brain…
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