– OPEN UP YOUR SHOULDERS: ??BULLY STRETCH  ?? . Continuing on with our discussion of the shoulder, let’s discuss an imporant topic for anyone with rounded shoulders from all those long days at the office adding up over weeks, months, and even years. . This stretch, often referred to as the bully stretch, is a great movement for tight pectoralis muscles as well as the lats and traps. As a bonus, you can also get a slight posterior glide of the shoulder joint itself to loosen up the joint capsule, helping to put our humeral head in a more optimal position. ?? . SETUP: 1️⃣Use the setup as in the picture above. Place your arm through the band so that it is around the front part of your shoulder 2️⃣Put your hand behind your back (internal rotation, extension, and adduction of the shoulder joint) 3️⃣Use a combination of taking a few steps forward and leaning over to increase the effectiveness of the stretch. 4️⃣OPTIONAL – Lean your head away from the targeted shoulder to increase the focus on the trapezius and scalene muscle groups. . Again, as this is more of a static stretch, this is something I would recommend FOLLOWING a workout rather than beforehand. Be sure to ease into this stretch slowly too, starting with the banded distraction and THEN trying to get into the above mentioned Hand-Behind-Back position.

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