Top 10 Fat Loss & Strength Articles November 27 2017

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Top 10 Articles of the Week

1. The Shortest Motivation Advice (That’s Actually Useful) via Nia S.

2. Deadlift Accessories & Stronger After 40 via Barbend

3. What Is The Keto Diet (And Should I Try It)? via K. Aleisha F.

4. 3 Uncommon Deadlif Tips (That Also Happen to Be Highly Effective) via Jordan S (me!)

5. 10 Steps To Dominate Your Deadlift Technique via Tony G.

6. Fiber – It’s Nature’s Broom via Lyle McD.

7. Bosu Ball: The Good, Bad, and Ugly via Eric C.

8. “What’s Your Excuse?” Is Dead. Here’s A Better Question via Lee B.

9. Stepping Up Weight Loss: Can Walking Help Dieters Shed Fat? via

10. Your Holiday Survival Guide: The Fitness and Nutrition Edition via Precision Nutrition

11. My 4 Favorite Smart Strength Exercises To Build A Better Booty via Stacey S.

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