Boost your immunity


Boost your immunity

Eat and drink these 6 things to give your immune system some support

Keeping your gut healthy does more than just keep bloating at bay and tummy troubles to a minimum. A large amount of the cells from your immune system are actually stored in your gut, so making sure their home is healthy helps to keep you healthy too.

This list of foods and drinks can also help give your immune system a helping hand to fight off the season’s nasty bugs.


This hearty leaf vegetable is low in calories but high in nutrients, specifically vitamin C. Eat it raw for 37mg per 100g of cabbage, or try it fermented as sauerkraut or kimchi to help your digestive tract and heal your gut lining.


Get the most out of this dark green leaf by lightly steaming it to release the most nutrients possible. Packed with vitamin C, it’s also loaded with antioxidants and beta-carotene which are believed to help your body fight off infections and viruses easier.


Not only does this bulb add delicious flavour, it’s also been shown to reduce sick days by 61 percent when taken as a high dose extract. It has also shown to improve white blood cells’ ability to fight off certain viruses.


Rich in vitamin C and low in sugar (and immune-suppressant), add fruits like grapefruit, oranges and lemon to your diet to help avoid colds and flus.


High in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this aromatic powder does more than just add flavour. With inflammation in the body at the root of many diseases, Turmeric can help reduce it and allow your immune system to focus on fighting off the germs that cause cold and flu viruses.


This plant helps support the adrenals, which support your body’s stress response. If you’re stressed out then your adrenals are likely worn out, making your immune system vulnerable to an attack.


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