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Resources for learning and teaching physical education, sports science and coaching. interactive online quizzes, exam style questions, free downloadable worksheets for general knowledge, GCSE and A Level.

GCSE Revision and Teaching Resources section including basic notes on Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Fitness as well as lesson ideas and worksheets to download.

A Level PE lesson plans and ideas, downloadable worksheets, exam style questions, online multiple choice questions and more.

We have a number of simple five question multiple choice quizzes to test your knowledge and undestanding covering Skeleton & Bones, Skeletal Muscles, Cirulatory System, Energy Systems and Sports Psychology.

Test your knowledge with our quizzes covering the skeleton and bones, muscles and muscle function, the circulatory system, respiratory system and energy systems of the body during exercise.

Sports Psychology quizzes covering skill acquisition, mental preparation, group dynamics, teamwork and individualy differences in athletes.

Circulatory System Quizzes