10 Healthy Living Hacks You Can Do Everyday

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Check out these 10 hacks to start living a little healthier:

10 Healthy Living Hacks You Can Do Everyday

1. Start your morning with 1 big glass of warm water + lemon.

Or even apple cider vinegar. Both will give you the hydration kick you need to start your day, boost digestion, and possibly reduce sugar cravings.

10 Healthy Living Hacks You Can Do Everyday

2. Schedule in your workouts at the beginning of the week.

When you book in classes, or schedule a workout session with a friend at the beginning of the week, you’re more likely to stick with it. It also makes it easier to schedule the rest of your week around it!

3. Put your cellphone away one hour before bed.

Do you sit on your phone, scrolling through emails, social media, etc. before bed and expect to crash right away? Think again. The mix between the light from your phone or computer, paired with the mental stimulation of it all is likely to keep you up past your bedtime. You could even go all in and try a digital detox!

4. DIY Cleaning products

You might not think about it much, but your cleaning products are some of the most toxic items in your house… and you’re putting them everywhere. We use these chemicals on our counters, near our toothbrushes, on the floors, and spray the air that we breathe.

Save money by making your own! Vinegar, water, plus your favourite essential oil will usually do the trick.

10 Healthy Living Hacks You Can Do Everyday

5. Meal prep for a healthy lunch (and to save $)

Meal prep doesn’t need to be difficult. Try these easy slow-cooker recipes, or these meal prep tips to get it done in little time.

Another idea? Make extra dinner, and take leftovers for your lunch! Not only are you able to control the portions better, and know what you’re actually putting in your body, but you’ll save money!

10 Healthy Living Hacks You Can Do Everyday

6. Learn or laugh as you commute.

Music is awesome, and so is catching up on the news. But sometimes, you need something a little more stimulating.

Choose a podcast to learn more about your favourite topic, or choose a comedy special to listen to. Commute by public transit? Your LOLs might just make someone else’s day.

7. Squeeze in a workout with Tabata or HIIT.

You might have as much time in the day as Beyoncé, but remember, she also has a team supporting her every move.

Make the most of your very valuable time by getting in a quick sweat session with a Tabata or HIIT workout!

8. Use your commercial breaks!

Commercial breaks aren’t completely useless. Use them to get in a quick workout or stretching session.

Try doing 30 situps, 20 pushups, lunge across your room, or squat through the whole commercial break!

10 Healthy Living Hacks You Can Do Everyday

9. Take a walk.

Two times per week, plan to go for a long walk (try for 45 minutes). Not only is walking great for your cardiovascular health, but it amazing for your mental health.

Choose to go with a friend and use it as a minor therapy session, listen to a podcast focused on reducing stress, or find a nice tree-covered trail and breath in the fresh air.

10. Park farther away.

On the days you can’t go for a nice long walk? Park farther away from your destination to get in an extra few steps.

Take public transit? Get off a stop early and walk the extra few blocks!

What’s your favourite way to live healthy?

Contact us today to find more easy ways to live your fittest, healthiest life!

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